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Traffic data collection and counting
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Advanced Traffic Management System

The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) from COS AI is a complete traffic management platform that includes monitoring, control, and safety on highways and motorways. Our ATMS software is made up of traffic-related modules such as ATCC, ANPR, VIDS, VSDS, and TMCS, which are seamlessly coupled and adjusted to give varied features for usage by Traffic Management organizations such as MoRTH, NHAI, IHMCL, and State PWD.
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Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification System

COS AI's Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification System (ATCC) counts and categorizes different sorts of Indian vehicles to monitor real-time traffic flow on a road stretch. Our AI-powered system can analyze any footage from motorways, junctions, roundabouts, and crosswalks in all weather conditions and at different times of day and night. The system, which is particularly created for Indian roadways, recognizes and counts more than 15 different types of Indian cars with a classification accuracy of over 95% and a counting accuracy of 98%. Traffic data is collected, analyzed, and shown on our dashboard.
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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

COS AI's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology can identify and recognize license plates of cars driving at speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour on the highway. Our ANPR system achieves great accuracy by utilizing deep learning algorithms and is readily linked with ATCC, VSDS, and VIDS modules.
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Traffic Monitor Camera System

COS AI's Traffic Monitor Camera System (TMCS) enables real-time surveillance of highway/expressway traffic at the Traffic Management Centre (TMC). The TMCS is made up of cameras and LPU gear, which automatically sends the feed to incident management consoles such as VIDS, ANPR, VSDS, and the central storage unit. The COS AI TMCS also functions as a closed-circuit television system for the project road's traffic and vehicles.
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Video Incident Detection System

The Video Incident Detection System (VIDS) of COS AI identifies events that occur within its observation area i.e. highways and other roadways.. Our VIDS can identify slow-moving cars, stopped vehicles, reverse traffic, falling items, poor vision, vehicles running in opposite directions, and other hazards on our roadways. When the system identifies an event, the ATMS software raises an alert and displays the incident image on the VIDS operator's graphical user interface.
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Vehicle Speed Detection System

COS AI's Vehicle Speed Detection System (VSDS) is based on vision technology and is more accurate while using less hardware. Our VSDS technology integrates seamlessly with Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VADS). Aside from ANPR-based VSDS, the system associates the vehicle number plate with the vehicle speed.
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Automatic Parking Management System

COS AI's APMS Solution is a comprehensive parking management system for large indoor facilities. It focuses on traffic management, security management, and revenue management to create an integrated business model. The system provides real-time parking availability updates, security features, and payment systems to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.
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